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The eHealth HUB platform contains over 800 players in eHealth.

Examples include healthcare organisations, legal and regulatory service providers, as well as big corporations or business supporters, investors, and small- and medium-sized enterprises.
The Platform is:
  • The time-saver that enables a quick scan of the European digital health ecosystem.
  • The map of European digital health.
  • The online catalogue that identifies the key European digital health players.


Now the hub is opening its doors to active and healthy ageing.
As a result, you’ll benefit from:
  • Finding potential partners to work with Discovering investors 
  • Gaining in visibility
  • Identifying the latest developments in the field
  • Understanding the market needs.
  • Matchmaking.
And much more!
This collaboration is one of the action lines proposed in the Innovation to Market Plan (I2M). It is closely associated with the work of the EIP on AHA. In the future, it will encompass active and healthy ageing.
As a result it will also:
  • Facilitate matchmaking between supply (AHA solutions providers) and demand (including healthcare organisations / Reference Sites).
  • Enable demand side players to state their needs and scan the current solutions to find what they are looking for.
  • Facilitate supply side players to detail their technologies and the problems that can be solved, as well as identify potential business opportunities.
Myriam MARTIN of TICBioMed informs us that “More news will be available on the excellent ways for supply and demand on active and healthy ageing to come together as 2019 progresses.”

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