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Summer is always a good time for reflection and future-facing thinking. Get ready to play your role in co-designing and shaping how digital health in Europe may look in the future.

horizon europe
The European Commission has two public consultations open on which it is encouraging feedback.
Between now and autumn 2019, the Commission is gathering your input and feedback. The aim is to put together ideas from the public on the content of what will follow Horizon 2020.
Two future initiatives will include Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme.
The potential content of both programmes are of keen interest to people working on the research, innovation, and implementation sides of digital health, and health and care, in Europe.
The eventual new directions on everything digital, everything health, and everything that is digital health will surely benefit from your ideas and input.
There are benefits for you too as a respondent. Answering the consultation will also help you understand early how these programmes will interest your own organisation in the future!


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