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By our Member NSE (NO)

Norway recognises the need to improve awareness and increase knowledge and skills about machine learning, health analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Increased digitisation of patient information generates large amounts of data. These data have high potential for improving delivery of health care services as well as enhancing the quality of the care, research, public health, management and planning. Around 80 per cent of the data is unstructured, like images, text, video and genomics.

Machine learning algorithms can analyse large amounts of diverse data with accurate results.

Three areas ripe for disruption through machine learning in healthcare are:


  • Interpretation of medical images (eye diseases, radiology, pathology)
  • Prognostics (dementia, metastatic cancer, stroke)
  • Diagnostics (cancers, pathology, rare diseases)

Health services can become more proactive as a result of using AI. However, more research and development is needed before this potential can be fully realised.

In this report developed by the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research – with its focus on the Norwegian health scene – you can read more about the concrete benefits that healthcare will gain from AI.

Click here to download the report in PDF format


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