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In Spain, TIC Salut Social is working together with Catalonia’s Ministry of Health on a mobile platform that integrates patients’ data in electronic health records. Meanwhile, in Israel, the innovative “Assuta-Doc” mobile app enables surgeons to monitor their patients’ health in real time.

By our Members TIC Salut Social (ES) and Assuta Medical Centers (IL)
Sharing (by mobile) is really caring!
In preparation for the DPH2019 conference (Digital Public Health 2019, in Marseille, France), our Members TIC Salut Social (Spain) and Assuta Medical Centers (Israel) provided us with two interesting case studies.

Mobile technologies can improve data sharing between patient and health carers in a timely and effective way. Healthcare professionals can access their patients’ data, and patients themselves can get updated about their health.

mConnecta technology platform: integrating data from mobile devices into the electronic health record

Catalonia’s Ministry of Health and TIC Salut Social are working together to focus on the interoperability needed to underpin a cloud-based mobile platform.

This cloud-based tool is called the mConnecta technology platform. It serves four types of care: primary care, hospital care, mental care, and health and social care (“socio-health care”).

To work seamlessly, the platform needs to overcome two key challenges:

  • Certification: The foundation has designed an accreditation model, which evaluates quality at four different levels: Design and usability; Content and functionality; Technological requirements; and Privacy and Data Security.
  • Development/Deployment: The applications that meet the evaluation criteria and the accreditation process are published in an online app showcase. It is linked to the AppsSalut portal, which contains apps recommended to patients by health personnel.
Data generated by patients – through these accredited applications, wearables or medical devices – will be incorporated into a repository on the mConnecta platform, and integrated into their Electronic Personal Health Record.

“Assuta-Doc”: A cutting-edge mobile app for surgeons

Assuta Medical Centers is Israel’s largest and leading private medical services network. It comprises eleven clinics and hospitals available all across Israel.
Most surgeons working with Assuta are affiliated with one of the four national public health insurers or are in private practice. They therefore need to be able to monitor their patients closely, but remotely, following any surgery.
Thanks to “Assuta-Doc” – an innovative mobile app that interfaces with the hospital’s electronic medical record – surgeons can now access their patients’ records easily and monitor their health in real time.
The app can be downloaded for free from the app store. It is activated using authorisation and authentication codes.
The uniqueness of this app is that it “knows” how to “red flag” any medical issues that require immediate action, sending timely alerts to the surgeons.
Assuta-Doc is also used by the patient who is scheduled for surgery and his or her family. They can receive continuous updates about the surgical process.



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