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Get to know the new App for Medical Education and obtain a special access promo code

EHTEL’s view of medical education for medical, health, and care-related professionals is based on the use of digital health systems. Systematisation and personalisation of medical education in digital health systems can help health professionals to keep up with the growth in medical knowledge, overcome health system constraints, and effectively improve patients care.

This is why EHTEL decided to team up with Xpeer Medical Education during the EHTEL 2019 Symposium to film, finalise, and publish videos of the most insightful keynotes and speeches.


Xpeer is a Barcelona-based start-up with the ambitious goal of reinventing medical education by making it accessible and personalised. Their initiative is focused on a user-friendly smartphone app (now available on Android and iOS) tailored to healthcare professionals. It provides exclusive E-learning content directly "in your pocket"!

Xpeer features a Personal Development Dynamic Plan (PDDP®) that enables you to stay up-to-date on current medical trends, emergent technologies, professional skills, and the soft skills that are essential in healthcare. The App offers you short and impactful content, on-demand video, and audio content of 3-15 minutes. Watch a sample here. It is fully responsive, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you want.

Do you want to be part of the next generation of medical education? To recognise its partnership with Xpeer, EHTEL is offering you special PROMO CODES for those who want to benefit from the App with exclusive conditions. 

- A PROMO CODE for a 90 days free trialPEH2090FT
- A PROMO CODE for a free one-year subscription: reserved to EHTEL Members. Write to communication@ehtel.eu to request it.

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