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SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS by taking the #DigitalHealthEurope survey on data-sharing governance!

The project DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) explores how to best support digital health and care services in Europe, by providing a set of recommendations to the European Commission on three priorities:

The three priorities are: citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders, better data to advance research, and digital tools for citizen empowerment.

In this context, DigitalHealthEurope has launched a survey on data sharing governance. The aim of the survey is to assess if and to what extent European citizens are aware and understand the (health) data sharing topic. This is especially important in a time when an extensive sharing of citizen health data can help in tackling pandemics and other health-related issues. At the same time, also privacy and citizen’s security are concerned.

- Find out more about  A Common European Health Data Space: Present and Future Directions

The survey focuses on these three main topics:

  • WHO can access my data?
  • With WHOM and HOW would I share it?
  • For WHAT purposes would I be available to provide it?
The survey contains only five questions on the theme, and can be completed in five minutes or lessIt contains general information such as age, country and gender, and it is absolutely anonymous
The deadline for taking the survey is on 7 May 2020.



Next Step: How will DigitalHealthEurope use the survey?

DHE works on citizen-controlled data governance and data sharing and will:

  • Publish an extensive review on the relevant initiatives and models on data-sharing governance, with a particular focus on European initiatives, such as health data cooperatives, where citizens are directly in control of their personal data.
  • Provide recommendations, including guidelineson implementing a successful data-sharing campaign
  • Gather together key recommendationsand key messages that may guide future data governance future policies and implementation initiatives.


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