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This first factsheet of the Imagining 2029 work programme focuses on Digital Therapeutics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Coaches. It is based on the related webinar hosted by EHTEL on Wednesday, 3 June 2020.

The webinar took place with the EHTEL Innovation Initiative chair, Juan GUANYABENS of TicSalutSocial (Barcelona, Spain), and two European projects – NWE-Chance and vCare.





25 June 2020

An EHTEL Factsheet:
How Hospitals at Home can Benefit from
Digital Therapeutics

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak at the start of 2020, hospitalising patients has become increasingly challenging. Home hospitalisation is in most cases more than an option, it is a necessity. There is considerable hope that people and patients can benefit from the growing availability of digital therapeutics in the familiar safety of their own homes.

 EHTEL is running a series of webinars and workshop as part of its Imagining 2029 work programme. Each webinar or workshop produces a factsheet as the main outcome. Each factsheet offers an overview of a dedicated digital health topic. EHTEL’s plan is for several factsheets to be brought together in a more formal briefing paper towards the end of 2020.

The factsheet concentrates on how hospitals at home can benefit from digital therapeutics. It offers a brief outline of what digital therapeutics are, how they can be used, and how artificial intelligence can underpin them. In the factsheet are two examples of hospitalisation at home initiatives that rely on digital therapeutics. The Isala Heart Centre – Zwolle, Netherlands – admits patients with heart failure to hospital while in their own homes. The Casa Cura Policlinico (CCP) – Milan, Italy – works to provide neuro-rehabilitation therapies through virtual coaches in the patients’ own homes.


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