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By our member 3.LIFE (BE)
The way forward in digital therapeutics is a combination of digital and personalised therapy. This blend will enable patients to be treated in the most comfortable, human way. 

The COVID-19 era is seeing a major impact on people who are feeling isolated and alone. A June 2020 report by McKinsey found that the proportion of people across Europe claiming that they felt lonely “most or all of the time” during the COVID-19 lockdown almost tripled. Lockdowns are putting mental healthcare under severe pressure worldwide. Loneliness is, of course, not a new problem; but lockdowns certainly seem to exacerbate it.

In response, 3.LIFE is developing a model that helps cope with people’s loneliness. 

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Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

3.LIFE’s reSTABLE solution model, which is an integrated solution based on multi-variate analysis. It is founded on artificial intelligence (AI) and is built into wearable sensors to enable measurement of vital parameters. The digital therapeutic application was developed to support persons living with bipolar disorder.

Loneliness can be measured by the sum of all vital parameters and general motion data. But, evidently, measurement on its own does not suffice to tackle the challenge of people’s loneliness. 3.LIFE is well aware that loneliness cannot be resolved just by using chatbots or other automated solutions.

There is nothing as effective as a good human talk,” says 3.LIFE’s CEO, Patrick LEYSEELE.

This is why 3.life is working with psychologists and therapists to be in direct human contact with people who are self-isolating at home and are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

3.LIFE are digital therapeutics innovators, focused on transforming future personalised medicine and behavioural therapies. This innovative new start-up develops and delivers clinically tested and validated AI-driven software. It became a member of EHTEL in summer 2020: https://www.ehtel.eu/members.html.


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