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We are happy to release the third factsheet of the Imagining 2029 work programme. This factsheet is mainly based on the information collected during the EHTEL virtual meeting dedicated to the theme “Making real-world data fit for European Health Data Spaces”. It summarises the general context of the European Strategy for Data, which was the central topic of the first webinar. 

The virtual meeting belonged to the ELO Network agenda for 2020: Getting ready for European Health Data Space(s). It was supported by the InteropEHRate project.

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3 September 2020

Architectures and processes enabling

data re-use:

2nd EHTEL/ELO Network factsheet

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The European Commission proposes to reduce current barriers to data re-use by setting up four pillars in a European data strategy: a legal framework for data access and use, a technical infrastructure and building blocks, a capacity building programme for skills and competencies, and a rollout in crucial economic sectors and domains of public interest.

The Member States have up to now only begun to comprehend in a generic way the question of health data re-use (most initiatives taken have relied on ad hoc processes).

Member States do, however, consider that lack of trust, legal uncertainties, and lack of financial resources are the main obstacles to the meaningful re-use of data.

As a priority, the Member States therefore propose to work on win-win, centralised approaches which can be implemented quickly and without major public investment (while some national initiatives, such as the German “broad consent” initiative, aim at finding a pragmatic solution to a major legal barrier).

Private sector initiatives, such as the InteropEHRate project, propose rather to put the patient/citizen at the centre and to implement a fully decentralised approach. The use of currently maturing blockchain technology is bringing a new perspective to this, and contributing to change the data re-use paradigm.



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