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Dedicated to our members Technical University of Dresden and Campania Region
Selected EIP on AHA Reference Sites are hosting a series of virtual Thematic Workshops between September and November 2020. They are funded as part of the European project WE4AHA

The workshops have three main aims. They are to: 
  • enable a broad and participative discussion among stakeholders involved in the AHA domain. 
  • encourage better alignment between the Reference Site ecosystems and the stakeholders committed to the Partnership’s Action Groups.
  • advance the uptake of innovative digitally-driven solutions for AHA.

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Two EHTEL members are among the successful workshops. First up is the region of Saxony in Germany on 22 October 2020 supported by the Technical University of Dresden. The workshop organisers will explore tools for empowering citizens in using digital health. They will spotlight practical tools developed by the Reference Site, and include inputs from a range of examples from a wide range of regions and countries: Tools for empowering citizens in using digital health - opportunities for individuals and communities.

More at a later date on EHTEL member’s Campania’s 19 November 2020 workshop.

EHTEL looks forward to seeing and hearing from the regions and Reference Sites who are sharing with us their invaluable experiences in involving as many people as possible in scaling-up healthier, more active, lives – especially using digital solutions.

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