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The third factsheet of the Imagining 2029 work programme explains why the concept of European Health Data Spaces is particularly relevant for medicinal products with a focus on pharmacovigilance. It is mainly based on the information collected during the third EHTEL/ELO virtual meeting dedicated to the theme “Towards European data spaces for medicines”.

The virtual meeting was hosted by EHTEL on Monday, 21st September 2020, with the support of the EHTEL ELO Network and its Co-Chair Andreas Grode (Gematik, Berlin - Germany).


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2 November 2020

An EHTEL Factsheet:

Towards European data spaces for medicines

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Health data lakes exist everywhere in Europe and have been created for specific purposes. Some have a name and are duly referenced; others are totally unknown and exist in total isolation. Connecting existing lakes to create data space(s) is not a trivial issue. It usually requires the intervention of intermediaries whose job is to make the data exploitable for another purpose while keeping in mind the original context in which the data were created.

Correctly identifying existing data lakes to create an embryo of a National Data Space is already an important challenge which requires a dedicated action plan. However, the national level is often too limited to support many crucial objectives related to e.g. patient safety, research, knowledge management, innovation support, or artificial intelligence (AI). It is thus important that the key building blocks which enable the creation of these data spaces are capable of supporting a cross-border or a cross-domain perspective.



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