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Agence eSanté is Luxembourg’s national agency for the exchange and sharing of medical data. Its main mission is to develop and implement a common interoperability platform that supports data sharing and exchange and helps to define a national strategy to promote and enhance interoperability between healthcare information management systems.

The goal behind implementing this national eHealth services platform is to facilitate seamless communication between healthcare professionals.


What Agence eSanté is doing

Luxembourg’s Agence eSanté is aiming to create better coordinated healthcare and a more comprehensive and efficient health system in the country.

The services Luxembourg offers through its eHealth platform include among others a healthcare provider directory, teleconsultation services, the electronic vaccination record and secure email services (for healthcare professionals). To facilitate health information sharing, the eHealth platform’s main tool is a patient’s secure electronic health record – it enables authorised healthcare providers to have easy access to a patient’s relevant health-related information.




EHTEL is proud to count Agence eSantĂ© as one of its members, since 2018. The agency’s solid expertise in the design and implementation of a national health data system in Luxembourg provides an important added value to the EHTEL Community. EHTEL is committed to supporting European countries in the design of their national digital health strategies, by leveraging the technical knowledge EHTEL's Community experts.

To learn more about Agence eSantĂ©, the Luxembourg eHealth Platform, or its services, visit their official website.


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