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EHTEL is proud to have Denmark’s MedCom as one of its most longstanding and internationally well-known members. MedCom has been a clear leader in innovative and good practices throughout its history. In 2024, it continues to be at the forefront of the development and implementation of public sector digital health solutions and services.

Listen to MedCom Chief Consultant and manager of international activities, Janne Rasmussen, explain more about the value of EHTEL for MedCom:


For 30 years, MedCom has been the link between the various sectors and IT systems of the Danish health and care system when it comes to digital exchange of health information.

MedCom is a publicly funded and non-profit organisation – financed and owned by the Ministry of Health together with Danish Regions, and Local Government Denmark (which is responsible for the work of local municipalities). Through its work, it also collaborates with other authorities, healthcare providers, and private sector firms.

MedCom is both physically – through its site in the city of Odense  – and symbolically located in the middle of Denmark. It is from here that it operates its 3-year work programme of key projects. Through the programme, it aims to build solutions that support actual business and clinical needs and procedures. They should be implementable across Denmark’s national healthcare ecosystem.


What MedCom is doing

To ensure a digitally coherent healthcare system, MedCom supports the flow of health information across sectors. It does this through the development, testing, certification, and implementation of nationally profiled standards. General practices, hospitals, local municipalities, and others throughout Denmark, all benefit.

Medcom spotlight

For citizens, this means that relevant health data is moved digitally, securely, and in a timely way from one healthcare provider to another across the whole care pathway. To ensure this happens, MedCom works in close cooperation with all parts of the healthcare sector – including general practitioners and specialists, homecare, and social care provided by municipalities, hospitals, pharmacies, and dentists – and importantly also IT vendors.  

Protecting data is key to MedCom’s activities. Specialised IT systems are enabled to exchange health data in a secure and trusted way through the Danish Health Data Network or the National Video Infrastructure. Healthcare video provides an easy and safe video connection for patients to hold consultations with their general practitioner from their own home. 

Learn more by visiting the MedCom website.



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