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Organisation Description:

The Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Directorate has two aims

  • to work in partnership with stakeholders and citizens to develop, implement and support the spread of innovative digital approaches to deliver better health and social care services; 
  • to act as national experts on health and social care information governance, assurance and cybersecurity, and ensure that the Scottish Government fulfils its obligations in this area. 

Activities and interest with respect to digital health:

The Directorate undertakes the following three activities in Scotland in support of its digital health and care agenda. It: 

  • Leads on policy and strategy, informed by the latest innovations and research; 
  • Transforms services through the implementation and spread of digital services and technology; 
  • Provides expertise on information governance, assurance, and cybersecurity.

The Digital Health & Care Directorate is involved in a wide range of work across health and social care. This includes the development of the underpinning architecture which ensures health and social care systems can operate efficiently and effectively. To ensure information is managed safely and securely, the Digital Health & Care Directorate have Information Assurance and Security teams. They also lead in the development and implementation of a range of programmes which use technology to enable people to live independently and safely in their own homes for longer. There is a strong focus on ensuring citizens are at the heart of everything they do. Therefore addressing inequalities and promoting inclusion is a key priority as is engaging citizens, staff and services through co-design and participation.

Their work is dependent on and has been sustained by strong partnerships and collaborative working across government departments; local government; health boards; scrutiny, improvement and membership bodies; delivery and advocacy organisations and citizens themselves.

The Scottish Government is one of the 2022 EHTEL Symposium sponsors.

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