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Lovexair has recently been accepted as a member of EHTEL. EHTEL is delighted to count on Lovexair as a member, as it is one of the few patient organisations to participate actively in digital health projects across Europe and internationally.

Lovexair's international work means over 10 years of experience in patient-led activities in advocacy, awareness, education and care support focused primarily on respiratory diseases, rare and chronic conditions and developed through digital networks.

HappyAir, one of Lovexair's activities, is now registered in the Digital Health Uptake radar as a recognised resource in evidence-based respiratory healthcare. This means that the Lovexair activities in research and delivery of innovative care programmes can become part of mainstream care from incubation to deployment, and can work on scaling complementary social, educational and clinical care support to different communities according to their needs.

Activities and interest with respect to digital health

In 2023, Lovexair embarked on a research project entitled "Humanized Digital Care: your experience" with Sofia Zanrosso, one of the young students the organisation met through EIT ICT Innovation Master’s programme focused on evaluating current tele-health consultations. The research is to be done in close collaboration with the University of Trento (Italy). The aim of the project is to learn more about what works for healthcare professionals and patients, family, caregivers with a particular focus on improving the doctor-patient relationship.  

Later in 2024, Lovexair will launch a short questionnaire survey to key stakeholders, thanks to EHTEL and collaborating networks. The organisation's belief is that, in a changing healthcare environment, innovation is crucial, and it happens thanks to the cooperation of individuals and organizations. Therefore, Lovexair is learning how to improve and build a better exchange of information and understanding between healthcare professionals and patients, to improve their experiences online. By collating these experiences across different health systems and cultures, Lovexair has an important aim: finding the right balance in order to give patients the care and respect they deserve and to reduce healthcare professionals' frustration by helping them gain more clarity.

For further details about this project, please email Sofia Zanrosso: szanarosso[at]lovexair.com

Visit the Lovexair official website for more information - in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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