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ELO Network of eHealth competence centres

The ELO Network is a permanent Working Group convening national and regional eHealth competence centres.
Competence centres act typically on the grounds of a legal or organisational mandate and engage in nation- or region-wide specification, implementation, and certification of digital health services. Many are also involved in current developments on cross-border eHealth services, standardisation, and other Europe-wide initiatives.
EHTEL has created and supports the ELO Network as part of its mission towards the digital transformation of health and social care enabled by secure and interoperable digital health infrastructures.
The Working Group gets together twice a year for meetings that last a day and a half.
The first day (afternoon) is reserved for presentations and by the host organisation and its local network, providing members with a “Study Visit in a Nutshell”. Lessons learned are enriched by demonstrations e.g. on large-scale telehealth services.
The second day focuses on the “European Agenda” and supports its members to:
  • Learn on recent updates (through round table “early reporting”) on eHealth Strategies and Digital Agendas on the national/regional level and their stepwise impIementation.
  • Pin-point specific issues around shared tasks arising while defining, certifying, building, monitoring infrastructures or resulting from impIementing eHealth services or service infrastructures.
  • Form new partnerships, collaborations, and joint actions that may result from European Policies, Funding and Project calls.
  • Identify common challenges and to introduce Common Positions vis-à-vis to the European Commission and other audiences at the European level.
  • An “emerging topics” item is reserved to current trends like AI, big data etc.
The core of the ELO Network Working Group is represented by competence centres working with digital health, although all EHTEL members are invited to join the meetings.
The ELO Network cannot be static while many organisational changes occur in the field of Digital Health. The network also welcomes interested organisations that are not yet EHTEL members – please submit your interest to participate.

Participating Members


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