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As patients, caregivers or healthcare professionals, we are accustomed to using online medical consultations and digital health services. But are they really responding to our needs? EHTEL member, Lovexair, is currently running a short survey aimed at understanding how to humanize telehealth experiences

Since the pandemic, virtual consultations have been incorporated into our day-to-day life in many countries, largely replacing face-to-face health consultation.

lovexairLovexair believe that it is the right time to analyze whether these services are working in the most appropriate way for the main protagonists: patients, relatives and caregivers, doctors and other health professionals.

When we talk about people affected by a rare or chronic disease, it reflects all the complexity that comes with their care and attention. It is critical that their experience with medical consultations online is as positive and useful as possible, both for them and their professional. Both need a correct exchange of information to help them make the most appropriate decisions.

That’s why you are encouraged to participate in this survey. Your information will give Lovexair the keys to develop a code of conduct and a report with recommendations to humanize teleconsultation, which the foundation will send to a wide range of health service providers and each survey participant.

Share your experience in this survey, by end of April 2024. It will only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Learn more about Lovexair and what the foundation does.



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