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The importance of capacity-building in European digital health

Capacity-building was an important topic tackled at the HIMSS Health 2.0 conference, held on 11-13 June 2019, in Helsinki, Finland.

EHTEL General Secretary, Marc LANGE, reflected: “To build capacity in digital health, everyone needs a toolkit. Some tools still need to be tried and testedYet there are already some very exciting tools publicly available in Europe.”
Using solid, workable tools can really come in useful when efforts are made to scale up European digital health. Especially if institutions, sites, and locations are trying to swap approaches and initiatives (“to twin”), then they need means and methods to improve and retain their capacity.
Capacity-building has for many years been core to the ambitions of non-governmental organisations and developing countries. Now, capacity-building is being brought into a new role in the digital transformation of health and care in Europe.
A rapid scan of the European horizon shows that there are many ways in which Europeans – whether individuals or organisations – can obtain, improve and retain their skills and competencies. The scaling-up of digital health, particularly in terms of integrated care, will surely benefit.
Turning the spotlight on just a few initiatives:
Yet more opportunities are coming up:
These five examples show what can be the golden opportunities to use new and emerging tools and techniques that will ensure greater capacity in digital health throughout Europe.
EHTEL is really keen to ensure that we help people to build capacity in digital health, whether at the level of individuals, organisations, or health and care systems.
Europe has great assets and resources, and Europeans need to make more of them!

For more information about capacity building in European healthcare download the publication: At the cross-roads for building capacity in digital trasformation.


  • At the cross-roads for building capacity in digital trasformation 09 July 2019 PDF*

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