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Shifting the focus of healthcare systems from care to prevention

Two leading keynote speakers will speak on the second day of EHTEL’s 2019 Symposium on this important theme: shifting healthcare systems from care to prevention.

Ms Jaana Sinipuro is project director of IHAN®, at Finland’s SITRA. She will describe the social and societal potential of people’s own data, including in the health and care fields. In a fair data economy, people will be able to obtain value from their own data by making it available to service providers.
Professor George Crooks is head of the Digital Health and Care Institute, Scotland. He will reflect on how to shift in new directions the balance of care. He will close the conference by presenting some inspirational visions of the future and encouraging debate with the audience. Attendees will be invited to join in the discussion and offer opinions.
In terms of visions of the future:
  • One option will be to make effective use of health and care data.
  • Outcomes will involve enhancing preventive measures to ensure that people live long, healthy, and independent lives.
  • Less time, effort, and money would be spent on treatment and post-treatment care.


New and appropriate services will therefore be offered by health and care systems and authorities, working together in partnership with commercial and industrial players.

Some new areas of exploration will include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and “data lakes”.

EHTEL’s members, friends, and community will all have the opportunity to:

  • Get better informed about how thought leaders from around Europe see these new directions.
  • Join the EHTEL community in the leading city and health and care champion, Barcelona, on 2-4 December 2019.

For more details, see ehtel.eu/2019-symposium

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