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The participatory workshop was held on 02/12 as a Satellite Event of the EHTEL Symposium in Barcelona Health Hub

On the 2nd December, I2M partners held a session at the Barcelona Health Hub with the support of EHTEL, in the wonderful surroundings of Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau.

The session was organized to discuss the barriers to success and how to start a successful innovation journey. The workshop gathered around 30 participants, mainly public and Private Health and Social Care Organisations, to move digital innovation ahead in their organizations.

hhThe afternoon started with two keynote speeches: Demand-driven co-creation for successful adoption (Ticbiomed) and Scaling-up digital innovation: An experience-based methodology (EHTEL). Engaged attendees added insightful topics to the discussion during the questions rounds.

A panel of experts followed to share their daily experience in healthcare innovation.

They included representatives from the Value Based Procurement Director Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia, Spain; Kaye Health Care Systems Consulting Services, Israel; and the Health Center Zagreb, Croatia.

The panellists had to face challenging questions on cultural change or access to funding. On the panel, EHTEL members, Rachelle KAYE and Vanja LAZIC, contributed with lively insights.

Later, to gather further insights from the public, in an hour of “bite-sized” round table discussions, all attendees shared and exchanged insights and experiences. Two topics had been defined:
  1. Preparation phase. Recommendations to make the innovation succeed from the start: finetuning the framework, aligning internal stakeholders, setting up expectations and KPIs, including budget for transformation from pilot to long-term implementation.
  2. Execution phase. Implementation of pilots and recommendations to cross the Valley of Death: what should be put in place so that successful pilots have more chance of being adopted and scaled?
To conclude the session, rapporteurs shared in the plenary the main insights discussed in each table. These ideas will be consolidated and made publicly available in the following weeks.  Stay tuned!
Want to know more about I2M Satellite Session? Visit the event page and open the document with speakers' biographies.

Kindly sourced by: ec.europa.eu 

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