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On 22 October 2020 an EIP on AHA workshop was led by the Saxony, Germany reference site, assisted by TU Dresden, an active EHTEL member, and with input from a variety of other Reference Sites.

TUDSaxony was one of the Selected EIP on AHA Reference Sites hosting a series of virtual Thematic Workshops between September and November 2020 (see our news). The workshops were funded as part of the European project WE4AHA
The 22 October workshop focused on individual and community empowerment, which play a crucial role in promoting health and use of digital health solutions. It presented a range of practical tools aimed at actively empowering patients and communities. The tools include the Telemedicine Community Readiness Model (TCRM). Over 60 participants from Europe and beyond attended the workshop and discussed the exciting findings.
Learn more about the workshop, its aim, speakers and presentation, and outcomes, by downloading the paper below, authored by Dr. Lena Otto (TUD).
- Do you want to know more about EIP on AHA Workshops? Visit the page https://ec.europa.eu/eip.


The article is sourced by the https://ec.europa.eu/eip web page 


Supported by EHTEL Member Technische Universität Dresden
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