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Imagining 2029

How do you imagine health and care in 2029 within the on-going digital transformation?

EHTEL is working towards imagining the future of health and care systems in 2029. It includes the work of all of its working groups and task forces as well as the European Union-supported projects in which the association participates.  


EHTEL imagines a positive, digital future in which all citizens will have better access to their health data and to their health care and healthcare services thanks to digital tools and mobile apps. Health system as a whole will benefit from a future in which health care professionals from many different sectors, including the hospital and home, will work closely together using digital technologies. A better synchronised use of data will also improve the response of governments to pandemics, such as COVID-19, and will benefit the growth of European businesses and industries.
Based on this future-facing framework, EHTEL is developing a year’s work programme for its members.
Through EHTEL’s working groups and task forces, you will get to offer your concrete ideas and contributions to this exciting digital future.
But before looking forward, let’s take a look back.

Looking back to EHTEL’s launch in 1999

EHTEL was founded more than 20 years ago in 1999. In 2019, EHTEL 20th anniversary year provided the chance to take advantage of these two decades of work to launch the process of imagining 2029. It was an opportunity to reflect on how disruptive, digital transformation and change could be, and has been.
- Discover the EHTEL 20th Anniversary page and watch the EHTEL anniversary video to look back before looking forward.

Looking forward to 2029 and a digital future for health and care

2020 is already showing how technologies are influencing the way health and care are organised and are seen. This change is happening at a moment when – as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak – health and care challenges are affecting the daily routine of each and every one of us, disrupting our social and working lives, and offering us opportunities to get more involved in health and social care management and provision. This is the important challenge of EHTEL’s third decade.
EHTEL is living this new era of digital health and care as a large-scale collaboration. EHTEL will work with its members, helping you to join forces to propose and implement new solutions, make progress, and face challenges.

What is EHTEL doing?

Together with EHTEL members and friends, the association plans to:
  • Build a new work programme that will start in 2020, and continue for the first years of this decade
  • Ensure that the programme is a mix of virtual webinars and physical meetings
  • Bring together core topics through EHTEL’s already-existing three working groups and task forces, and use these initiatives as a basis for the work programme
  • Collaborate with a number of European initiatives/projects to hold the webinars and physical meetings in a variety of locations around Europe
  • Bring together all of EHTEL’s 2020 accomplishments at its end-of-year annual Symposium.



The 2020 Work programme ... and beyond

Focusing on the digital future in health and care, the work programme will focus on a wide range of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, mHealth, digital therapeutics, and use of real-world data up to ten years ahead. Given this timeline, many other digital health-related topics will surely come on board soon!