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In the framework of its new work programme Imagining 2029, EHTEL is organising a series of webinars addressed to the digital health community to encourage joint reflections on accelerating digital transformation.
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11012019 47EHTEL members and friends are based all around Europe and beyond. Therefore, in EHTEL, we prioritise a green approach: easy-to-access, virtual and remote meetings and educational opportunities.


Inspired by the outcome of the December 2019 Annual General Assembly held in Barcelona, the Secretariat has developed a webinar-based work programme entitled Imagining 2029.

Every year since, EHTEL has developed a work programme focused on the digital health priorities and trends of the moment.

In 2023, the EHTEL programme focuses on three tracks: "European Health Data Space", "Hybrid Models of Care", and the member dedicated track "Trends in local markets".

EHTEL webinars are highly interactive: participants are encouraged to ask questions, share their views, and participate in polls.

In 2023

Trends webinarsEHTEL has launched a new series of webinars in 2023. It focuses on what's trending today and what are the hot topics for EHTEL's own members. 

These are webinars tailored to the needs of EHTEL members and prospective members. They are geared towards offering local insights  into local markets and local trends in EHTEL members’ countries and regions. They are intended to attract match-making - between health care authorities and health and care providers - and to bring together the demand side and supply side of the market. 

The track builds on previous editions of Imagining 2029, especially the work of Digital transformation in 2022. Transformation focused on knowledge sharing among EHTEL members.

Before 2023

For earlier versions of the work programme, please see 2022 , 2021 and 2020.

To learn more about work done until 2020 by earlier EHTEL Working Groups or Task Forces: 

How can you participate in the work programme?

- Visit the Imagining 2029 page to discover the ideas and background behind EHTEL's new work programme.

- Get updated by checking the webinar calendar of each of the headlines and ... join as many webinars as you can!

Not an EHTEL Member yet? You are still on time to join us.